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Supporting the Fight Against COVID-19

$30 million in grants from The Pfizer Foundation to help meet front line needs during the pandemic

The Pfizer Foundation is standing by our partners who are working tirelessly to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S. and around the world. Building on our longstanding commitment to help fight infectious diseases, we have rapidly deployed resources to help address immediate needs and strengthen healthcare systems to prepare against future global health threats.

We are partnering to create meaningful and sustainable solutions that address today’s biggest challenges and protect the most underserved communities worldwide.

Donations Have Reached 165+ Partners Worldwide*

The Pfizer Foundation is helping organizations to address the pandemic and strengthen healthcare systems
so they are better prepared for the next global health emergency.

Together, we have been able to:

Fund Highly-Impacted State Governments and Public Health Organizations


Support Community and Patient Organizations Reaching Underserved Populations

Invest in Safety Net Clinics Across the U.S.

Assist Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and Global Development Funds to Deliver COVID-19 Relief and Strengthen Health Systems Around the World

In the U.S., High-Risk Communities Face Unique Challenges

COVID-19 is having a ripple effect across the country, disproportionately affecting communities that were already marginalized before the pandemic. The Pfizer Foundation’s partners are responding to strengthen the healthcare system and address health inequities across the country, including:

Front Line Health Workers

Support for the provision of health and emergency services for healthcare providers, including mental health and wellness, such as the Emergency Medicine Foundation and the National Black Nurses Association that reaches 300K+ nurses nationwide

COVID-19 Patient Outreach and Services

Donations for outreach and education services related to COVID-19 for at-risk patient populations, such as The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Hemophilia Federation of America, and the Society for Women’s Health Research

Food Insecurity

Donations for emergency food and supplies in multiple highly impacted states, including three million meals delivered by Food Bank Council of Michigan

Temporary Housing and Shelter

Support for interim housing, emergency shelter, and rental and mortgage assistance, including the deployment of 13 new RV shelters for transitional housing through California’s Housing Trailer Initiative and Homeful Foundation

Emergency Economic Relief

Support for economic stabilization as well as emergency funds for small businesses and communities in need, such as through Chicago Small Business Resiliency Fund, Hispanic Federation and Seattle Foundation

Health Equity

Expanded support for Pfizer’s Multicultural Center of Excellence network to improve health equity, such as to The Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health, which is providing localized health promotion and supporting hard-hit communities in Central Brooklyn, NY

"As nurses are treating COVID-19 and risking their lives, they are still humans fighting through depression, mental illnesses, and anxiety. This is also a very hard time for thousands of older African Americans who have lost their jobs, lost their health coverage, and some who have lost their hope. I applaud The Pfizer Foundation for giving NBNA the ability to touch them with the help they need."

Dr. Martha A. Dawson, President, National Black Nurses Association

"The public health crisis has created an unprecedented need for emergency food... The Pfizer Foundation’s generous grant means those who are facing food insecurity will have one less thing to worry about during these tremendously difficult times."

Dr. Phil Knight, Executive Director, Food Bank Council of Michigan

"COVID-19 poses a tremendous risk to the immediate and long-term health of people in humanitarian contexts... The Pfizer Foundation’s support – historically but especially now – is critical to helping meet the health needs of displaced people."

Dr. Mesfin Teklu Tessema, Senior Director of Health, International Rescue Committee

Global NGO Partners Respond to COVID-19 Crisis

The Pfizer Foundation’s grantees strengthen and adapt health systems to reach the most vulnerable people

Emergency Health Response

International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is providing immediate help to strengthen health care systems in response to COVID-19

Health System Strengthening

Partners like World Vision, CARE, and Save the Children continue to improve health care delivery and care around the world, while also addressing immediate needs presented by COVID-19


International Rescue Committee is responding to the direct impact of COVID-19 in humanitarian settings by providing basic health services and promoting community engagement and education to prevent the spread

About the Pfizer Foundation

The Pfizer Foundation is a charitable organization established by Pfizer Inc. It is a separate legal entity from Pfizer Inc. with distinct legal restrictions. The Foundation provides funding and resources to support programs that nurture science and innovation, reduce the threat of disease, strengthen healthcare capacity, ensure access to quality care, address immediate disaster and humanitarian health needs, and enhance the community involvement of Pfizer colleagues.


* As of June 23, 2020