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Pfizer Public Policy Engagement for Global Public Health

Public policy affects our ability to meet patient needs and provide shareholder value. Essential aspects of our business are being challenged by barriers to access, counterfeit medicines, illegal importation, and challenges to intellectual property protection. For this reason, we actively participate in public policy dialogues to explain our perspectives.  

We have extensive knowledge about healthcare and many ideas about improving its efficiency, as well as a global perspective on public health, disease prevention and health education. We believe that public policy engagement is an important and appropriate role for companies in open societies when conducted in a legal and transparent manner.  

Pfizer’s corporate political contributions and lobbying activities are focused on promoting the interest of our company, without regard to the personal political preferences or affiliations of any of our employees, officers, or board members. The company’s corporate political contributions and lobbying activities are subject to robust internal procedures designed to align these efforts with our public policy priorities and applicable law. The company has an extensive training and reporting program in place to ensure compliance. 

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Corporate Political Contributions

In the U.S. there are important federal and state campaign finance laws with which Pfizer complies, including those which prohibit and/or restrict the use of corporate treasury funds for political purposes. Corporate treasury funds may not be used to contribute to candidates for federal office. However, corporate treasury funds may be used, where legally permissible, to contribute to candidates for state and local office. With respect to independent expenditures, Pfizer’s policy precludes the company from making direct independent expenditures in connection with any federal or state election.

We are fully compliant with all federal, state, and local laws and reporting requirements governing corporate political contributions. In addition, at the end of every year, we request that trade associations that receive total payments of $100,000* or more from Pfizer annually provide us with the portion of our dues or payments used for expenditures or contributions that, if made directly by Pfizer, would not be deductible under section 162(e)(1)(B) of the Internal Revenue Code. The information we received from these trade associations for 2022 is reported below:

2022 List of Trade Association Dues Payments Used for Political Purposes

Trade AssociationAmount Used for Political Purposes
Alliance for Regenerative Medicine$0.00
Biosimilars Forum$0.00
Biotech Industry Association$0.00
Business Roundtable$0.00
California Life Sciences Assoc.$0.00
Healthcare Leadership Council$0.00
National Assoc. of Manufacturers$0.00
U.S. Chamber$0.00


*Note in 2023, Pfizer lowered its threshold and going forward will request the above-mentioned information from trade associations to whom we pay dues of $25,000 or more.

All corporate political contributions are published annually in the Pfizer Political Action Committee (PAC) and Corporate Political Contributions report in compliance with Pfizer’s corporate policy.

The Pfizer PAC is a nonpartisan organization that provides opportunities for employees to participate in the American political process. The PAC makes contributions to candidates for both federal and state office and fully discloses its contributions on a regular basis to the Federal Election Commission and the appropriate state election authorities. We also disclose all of our corporate political contributions and employee PAC contributions annually on our website so the public can view our contributions in one place.

Board Oversight of Public Policy, Corporate Political Contributions and Lobbying Activities

The Board of Directors at Pfizer plays an important role in Pfizer’s public policy engagement and political participation. The Governance and Sustainability Committee of the Board is responsible for maintaining an informed status on the company’s issues related to public policy, including political spending policies and practices, through regular discussions and reviews of the company’s PAC and Corporate Political Contributions Reports, and the company’s lobbying priorities and activities through periodic reports from management.

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Federal & State Lobbying Activity

Pfizer’s U.S. Government Relations leaders are responsible for managing the company’s lobbying activities and informing the Governance & Sustainability Committee of the company’s lobbying priorities and activities through periodic reports. In addition, all colleague communications with government and regulatory officials are governed by Pfizer’s internal policies and procedures, which include anti-bribery and anti-corruption guidelines that are available on our website.

Our lobbying priorities consider the interests of our company, shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders. Pfizer’s federal and state lobbying priorities focus on trade, healthcare, access to prescription drugs, and patent protection, all of which directly impact our business and shareholder value. 

Pfizer’s current disclosures, detailing our lobbying priorities, are fully compliant with the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA) and the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act, and are filed quarterly with the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Included in the report is the total amount spent on federal lobbying activity for the quarter, which includes the percentage of our dues to trade associations spent on federal lobbying activity, payments to outside consultants, and the time spent by Pfizer colleagues on federal lobbying activities. Our disclosures on federal lobbying activities may be viewed here.

We are active in all states and In all states where we are active, we’re also fully compliant with state registration and reporting requirements. 

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Trade Association Memberships

Pfizer is a member of several industry and trade groups that represent both the pharmaceutical industry and the business community at large to bring about consensus on broad policy issues that can impact Pfizer's business objectives and ability to serve patients.  

Our support of these organizations and any tax-exempt organizations that write and endorse model legislation, is evaluated annually by the company’s U.S. Government Relations leaders based on these organizations’ expertise in healthcare policy and advocacy and support of key issues of importance to Pfizer. In addition to their positions on healthcare policy issues, we realize these organizations may engage in a broad range of other issues that extend beyond the scope of what is of primary importance to Pfizer.  

If concerns arise about a particular issue, we convey our concerns, as appropriate, through our colleagues who serve on the boards and committees of these groups. We believe there is value in making sure our positions on issues important to Pfizer and our industry are communicated and understood within those organizations. Pfizer's participation as a member of these various industry and trade groups comes with the understanding that we may not always agree with the positions of the larger organization and/or other members.

Industry Associations – Congruency Report

Below is a list of the major trade associations where we are currently members: 

Trade AssociationPortion of Dues Used for Federal Lobbying Activity in 2022
Alliance to Modernize Prescribing Information$41,250.00
Alliance for Regenerative Medicine$45,600.00
American Central European Bus. Assoc.$1,250.00
America's Health Coalition$750.00
Antimicrobial Alliance$33,750.00
Biosimilars Forum$40,000.00
Biotech Industry Assoc.$228,919.00
Business Roundtable$180,000.00
California Life Sciences Assoc.$21,710.00
Council of the Americas$1,500.00
Healthcare Distribution Alliance$2,801.00
Healthcare Institute of New Jersey$26,906.00
Healthcare Leadership Council$20,000.00
Life Sciences PA$3,544.00
Massachusetts Biotech Council$3,750.00
National Assoc. of Manufacturers$100,000.00
National Foreign Trade Council$12,500.00
National Health Council$2,000.00
Personalized Medicine Coalition$4,320.00
U.S. Chamber of Commerce$538,500.00
                                                         TOTALS  $2,523,361.40

Achieving breakthroughs that change patients’ lives around the globe, especially in underserved communities or disaster-affected communities is our goal.

Which is why we take the health and safety of our colleagues so seriously. We want to share the power of our resources to achieve a healthier world for everyone. We’re committed to using everything at our disposal—from our medicines and vaccines, to our financial investments and colleagues’ expertise—all in the name of providing quality healthcare services for patients everywhere.

And because our resources allow us to reach so many people, we’re committed to using our global presence and scale to make a difference throughout the world.

Incredible things can happen when people come together with one shared goal. The future of medicine is happening at Pfizer, and we’re eager to work alongside inspired and inspirational people who want to improve healthcare around the world.

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