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Pfizer Sets New Ambition: Changing a Billion Lives a Year by 2027

Albert Bourla Blueprint

In April, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla stood centerstage at Pfizer’s brand-new Hudson Yards headquarters in New York, NY and unveiled the company’s brand-new “purpose blueprint.”

Pfizer’s Purpose Blueprint 2.0 is the updated and upgraded set of guidelines and goalposts that Pfizer and its employees will be working within and striving to achieve over the next few years. An evolution of the previous Purpose Blueprint, implemented in 2019, the Purpose Blueprint 2.0 consists of five “Core Business Principles” and 15 Big Ideas that will drive us in the years to come.

The first iteration of the Blueprint set the course for Pfizer to treat more than 1.3 billion patients1 around the world with our medicines and vaccines, thanks largely to the successful development and global distribution of our COVID-19 vaccine and oral treatment. Years later, the world has changed a lot, and so has Pfizer’s place in it. Our ability to react swiftly has become core to who we are as a science-based company that is dedicated to defeating the world’s most devastating diseases.

As we look ahead to our next few years, we won’t be slowing down. The Purpose Blueprint 2.0 sets forth a new ambition to change a billion lives a year by 2027.

This new ambition focuses on the patient, and how many lives we can impact. “In our first Purpose Blueprint, we focused on the breakthroughs: how many we are going to bring to the world. Now we are focusing on how many lives we are going to touch and change,” Bourla said during the presentation.

To deliver against those goals, the organization will adapt and evolve as well. Pfizer will continue to streamline the way we work, working to eliminate bureaucracy and improve processes to achieve those patient-impacting breakthroughs faster, while maintaining the values and vision that have sustained the company for years.

Our objectives have evolved, but our north star, as Bourla called it, the philosophy that underpins all we do, remains the same: breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

“Our purpose remains ‘Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.’ That’s why we exist. That’s what makes us relevant. And this is what we will continue doing in the future,” Bourla explained, before reiterating the endurance of Pfizer’s core values. “The other thing we said was durable: courage, excellence, equity, and joy… Those are the four values that will continue driving the Pfizer culture.”

Our ambitions have accelerated, to keep pace with the world and to continue to help lead it, but our overarching purpose, and the values that drive our work and culture, remain steadfast. 

Learn more about Pfizer’s Purpose Blueprint 2.0


  1. The Patients Treated metric is calculated from Pfizer and third-party datasets. Figures may be limited given the coverage provided by external sources (e.g., calendar duration, geographic and product coverage). Numbers are estimates and in some cases use global volume, daily dosage and number of treatment days to facilitate calculations. Methodologies to calculate estimates may vary by product type given the nature of the product and available data. Patients taking multiple Pfizer products may be counted as multiple patients towards total. Numbers include estimated patient counts from U.S. Patient Assistance Programs, ex-U.S. access & affordability programs, product donations and Global Commercial Access Partnerships (this does not include An Accord for a Healthier World). Historical estimates may periodically be subject to revision due to restatements in the underlying data source.