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Pfizer Ignite partners with select biotechs aligned with our strategic focus areas to advance their innovative therapies to the market. Ignite’s therapeutic areas of interest include Oncology, Inflammation & Immunology, cardiovascular/metabolic disease, and hematological disease. We aim to engage with companies that have technology platforms with the potential to fuel multiple products.

To support accelerating promising biotech therapies from preclinical R&D through the development lifecycle, Pfizer Ignite provides a customized suite of services, such as strategic input from our expert advisory network and research, development, and manufacturing capabilities via a variety of flexible agreement structures, which may include fees for service, strategic rights, and/or equity. Pfizer Ignite biotech partners retain ongoing decision-making autonomy for their programs.

The purpose of Pfizer Ignite is to build foundational relationships with prospective biotech partners to help enhance the value of highly innovative early science. We’ll meet you where you are on your development journey, and together, we’ll help bring your breakthroughs to life. Because patients are waiting.