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Pioneers of Innovation

Over nearly two centuries, Pfizer has developed a sophisticated, robust, and agile manufacturing infrastructure by investing in research and development with the sole purpose of getting crucial medicines to patients in need. From the mass production of penicillin to the COVID-19 vaccine, we’ve never lost sight of our compliance, safety, and quality standards.

Pfizer remains committed to our ongoing legacy of manufacturing excellence.

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Make a Difference with Us

Our unparalleled track record of bringing breakthrough medicines to people in need is powered by the tremendous dedication of our people. We’re looking for people committed to helping us make our operations the most resilient, robust, and sophisticated in the industry.

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Leaders in Manufacturing and Supply

We’re continuously revolutionizing our operations so we can increase our efficiency, find new growth opportunities, and deliver breakthrough medicines to people who need them most.

Pfizer helps provide more than 50 billion doses of medicines and vaccines to over 181 countries annually, reaching approximately 1.3 billion patients—equivalent to 1 out of every 6 people on the planet.

Our strong foundation, commitment to innovation, and dedicated team members make these breakthroughs possible. Discover our global workforce’s impact.

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Pfizer’s robust global network and seamless operations are driven by the vital understanding that patients around the world can’t afford any delays or disruptions in getting the medicines and vaccines they need. That’s why we utilize:


Multiple Suppliers

We use multiple suppliers to minimize risk of supply interruptions of essential medicines.


Parallel Supply Chains

We’ve established parallel supply chains throughout the U.S. and Europe to manufacture our most critical vaccines.


Purposeful Overproduction

Our supply chain has built-in flexibility to support resiliency, extra inventory, an increased workforce, and multiple suppliers.


Product Quality and Safety

We aim to ensure that all Pfizer medicines and vaccines are made to our standards of quality, efficacy, and safety.

Pfizer’s commitment to quality is at the core of our manufacturing values.

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Heroes of Pfizer

Our people play an invaluable role in delivering medical innovations in real time and setting the stage for future breakthroughs. Follow crucial members of our team as they create a positive and lasting impact on world health.

Our heroes work hard to produce and deliver groundbreaking medicines.

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Powered by Our People

We promote inclusion and support individual and team growth through programs dedicated to fostering and retaining diverse talent, such as our Refugee Leadership Initiative, Breakthrough Fellowship Program, and entry-level rotational program.

Our initiatives elevate our equitable and inclusive workforce.

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