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If you’re considering a clinical trial for a child, it may be helpful to understand why we run these trials in the first place.

Sometimes it’s because certain conditions are especially common in children. More generally, it’s because children need treatments studied specifically for them. Their bodies are still developing, and the medicines and vaccines used to treat adults may not affect children in the same way that they affect adults.

A pediatric clinical trial could help us develop the correct dose of a medicine or vaccine for a child, or it could focus on development of a liquid formulation that is easier to swallow. Participation from children in clinical trials helps us develop medicines and vaccines that are safe and effective for children.

Every stage in a child’s development is unique, just as every child is special.

In 2014, Pfizer formed the Pediatric Center of Excellence in order to better understand and meet the unique needs of children who are participating in clinical trials. We’re proud to partner with over 160 children’s hospitals and research centers chosen for their excellence and personal dedication to pediatric patients. This team combines the expertise and guidance of experienced pediatric physicians and researchers, child health advocates, parents, caregivers, and pediatric patients themselves. Today, those insights are at work in over 100 active or planned pediatric clinical studies as we continue to strive toward developing breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

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We proudly partner with thousands of study sites and tens of thousands of trial participants around the world. It’s these clinical trials that lead to life-changing medicines.

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